List of Tables

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List of Tables
Table 103‑1. Minimum Width Criteria for Bridges1 103.3.2
Table 103‑2. Bridge Rehabilitation (RH) vs Replacement (RP) Worksheet 103.8.6
Table 104‑1. Design Frequency and Confidence Interval 104.2.6
Table 104‑2. DelDOT Scour Design Floor and Check Flood 104.4.3
Table 104‑3. Scour Summary 104.4.6
Table 104‑4. Design Storm for Various Construction Periods 104.5.4
Table 106‑1. DelDOT Bridge Barrier Classifications 106.5.1
Table 106‑2. Suggested Format for Providing Bearing Schedule Loads 106.10.12
Table 107‑1. Foundation Types and Applicable Soil Conditions 107.3
Table 107‑2. Design Criteria for Piles – Precast-Prestressed Concrete
Table 107‑3. Design Criteria for Piles – Steel-Pipe Piles
Table 107‑4. Design Criteria for Piles – Steel Shell and Cast-in-Place Concrete
Table 107‑5. Design Criteria for Piles – Steel H-Sections
Table 107‑6. Design Criteria for Piles – Timber
Table 107‑7. Design Criteria for Drilled Shafts
Table 107‑8. Guide to Pile-Type Selection for Subsurface Conditions
Table 107‑9. Guide to Pile-Shape Effects
Table 107‑10. Recommended Concrete Type in Corrosive Environments
Table 109‑1. Laboratory Test Methods 109.2.1
Table 109‑2. Recommended Coring for Deck Testing
Table 109‑3. Deck Repair Evaluation Matrix 109.3.2
Table 109‑4. Structural Steels Used in Bridge Construction
Table 109‑5. Unfactored Loads for Jacking 109.11.2
Table 109‑6. Factored Loads for Jacking 109.11.2